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Paul Jacobs


Director of Operations

Paul is a Scottsboro local who started flying at 14yrs old. He currently has 4500hrs total time, an ATP, and is C525S type rated. He has been actively involved in the aviation community for over 20 years. Paul graduated with a B.S. in Professional Flight Management from Auburn University. 

Brandon Whitehead
lead mechanic
- Mechanic -
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Chris Martin


Director of Maintenance

Chris comes from an aviation family and is a second generation mechanic and pilot. He currently has 3500hrs total time and is C525S type rated. Chris has been working on aircraft his whole life and holds an active Inspection Authorization. Chris graduated from Auburn University with a B.S. in Biology 

Caleb Whaley
AOG Specialist
- Mechanic -
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Zack Sims
Avionics Consultant
- Mechanic -
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Daniel barker
Aviation Consultant
- Professional Pilot
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